About Us

Satavi Naturals is a company for families, founded by families. We’re a small business with strong family values and a dedication to creating products made with only the most natural ingredients.

Our products are meant to bring a spa-like experience to the everyday person. Our masks, steamers, and glass globes are made from high quality materials and ingredients that we feel comfortable with our own family using. From kids to grandparents, our products are for all to enjoy.

You can relax and recharge with our line of cruelty-free, organic, and natural alternatives to traditional spa products delivered right to your door. Whether you’ve had a stressful week and need a great night’s sleep, or you’re looking for a fun stay-at-home weekend activity- we have something for you.

Self-care, wellness, and healing should be high priority, but it’s not always easy to do these days. Let us help you destress and relax.

Relaxation awaits you.

Our Mission

Life goes by quickly and can be filled with long days of work and stress. Everyone needs a recharge! Everyone needs a little pampering! Our mission is to help people relax and enjoy the smaller things in life, so the big things can be handled with a happy heart. We offer the best products to help provide you with memorable spa-like experiences.